Pearson’s Platform

Pearson’s Mission

  • Safe and affordable utilities
  • Creative leadership towards self-sufficient utilities
  • Conservative innovation for a cleaner Louisiana
  • Access to broadband across Louisiana
  • Ensuring jobs created by expanding our utilities including wind and solar industries to give consumers a free-market choice
  • Ensuring our utilities are ready and resilient, able to respond quickly to service outages and natural disasters

“Many would be shocked to learn that even now, in 2020, a large number of rural Louisiana residents have virtually no access to the internet. Some parishes have as few as 10% of their residents online.

Today, we are moving toward distance learning, teleworking, and telemedicine – and certainly no business is going to move to an area without connectivity. I want to change that – for our jobs, for our kids, and for the future of Louisiana.”

Kevin Pearson, District 1 Candidate for Louisiana Public Service Commissioner

Recent Interviews

Above: Action News 17’s August 5, 2020 interview of former Slidell lawmaker Kevin Pearson, who is running for public service commissioner, largely on a platform to expand high-speed internet access in areas like Washington and Tangipahoa Parishes. Get more local news and videos at AN17.com

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Pearson’s History

In his 12 years in the Louisiana House of Representatives, Kevin Pearson led with more than just a voting record.

Kevin authored constitutional amendments that saved taxpayers many millions of dollars.

Kevin was appointed early in his tenure to serve as retirement chair and was trusted to the position for ten years, guiding legislation that protects teacher pensions and insulates taxpayers from bankrupt retirement systems.

Long before politics Kevin built a successful business and, with his wife Nancy, a teacher, raised two children, Adam and Rebecca. Both are now proud graduates of state public universities with bright futures ahead. Kevin wants successful outcomes for all Louisiana families.

Kevin knows firsthand that success doesn’t come easy. During the oil bust of the ‘80s, Kevin made the decision to leave college to work with his father to help build his business. Just like now, times were challenging and uncertain.

Kevin wants better for you and your children. He wants to keep working so that you are able to keep more of your earnings, with safe and affordable utilities.

When you vote on Nov. 3, elect the proven leader—the proven listener—and make a difference for Louisiana. You’ll see the results. You won’t be sorry.